Service, not products.

Rather than create cookie-cutter products, we have built up a diverse set of skills and capabilities.  These are combined to provide tailored solutions for each customer.  View the portfolio to see how we resolved various projects.


  • Sanctuary Furniture
  • Pews
  • Planning
  • Repair and Refurbish
  • Paintings
  • Cabinetry
  • Signage

Designers and makers of altars, communion rails, missal stands, pulpits and more.  Our specialty is in wood but to better serve churches, we contract with a local granite company to provide stonework.

Specially designed and built for La Salette AcademyAdjustable missal stand handmade in the USASee both sides of the pulpitSt. Joseph Oratory missal stand

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Design and build new pews or refurbish existing ones. We are the company that fielded the parallel-action kneeler designed to maximize leg room in small spaces.

View of end capLeft aisle showing completed pews after their retrofitTake a look at these custom made pewsred oak pew

Our full 3D computer renders mean there is no guesswork when it comes to the arrangement of furnishings. Everything is measured beforehand to ensure sufficient room for proper function.

conceptual portrayal of an altar rail for a Catholic churchPlanning pew spacing and sanctuary arrangementPreview of sanctuary coloring page

It makes sense to see what can be preserved in a Church’s original furnishings. We can evaluate their conditions and provide quotes on different approaches. This ranges from detailed restorations to preserve value or basic refurbishment to save on costs compared to buying new furniture.

Damaged carving on an old band organ case undergoing repairspulpit getting a fresh coat of finishOld paint removed from organ facade

From tiny details on missal stands, to altar pieces to full murals.

a small, painted lion crestAgnus Dei Painting on Missal StandImage of crest and frameSt.PatrickRender_Background

Custom cabinet and architectural work for the sacristy, organs and more

detail of veneered panels on display casesStatue of virgin and child illuminated from aboveBalcony of Maternity BVM choir loftRed oak cart shown with the side boxes detached

With our hand carvings, laser and CNC capability, we can provide all sorts of customized signage.  Altar cards come to mind…

Lion heraldric crest with cross and shieldLaser etching being filled with colored resinImage of crest and frame



  • Cabinetry
  • Displays
  • Environmental
  • Coordinating Installs
  • Dimensions and Details
  • Contacts

Retail counters, reception desks, bar fronts and more.  Customize storage and seating arrangements.

cherry cabinets in wine barRed Oak Media CabinetWine bottle detail along front of custom cabinets

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Glass front cases for product display, artwork or artifacts.  Decorative veneer work provides elegance and tempered glass will be used to meet codes as necessary.

cherry and ash display casesa box for a veteren's burial flagRed oak cart shown with the side boxes detached

Going for LEEDS or some other special certification?  Let us know your requirements and we can specify products to meet them.  Formaldehyde-free conversion varnish is available.

We will communicate with your existing contractors to time install dates.  Some projects require installs to be done in sections over a longer time frame and we are experienced at this.

Austin Glidewell working on a large cabinet assembly

3D renderings and detailed drawings ensure your team and your contractors understand exactly where everything will be placed.  If our drawings indicate there will be a 4″ diameter hole for a drain pipe 107″ from the west wall and 16″ from the north wall, that hole will be precisely there.  Avoid surprises.

Rendering of the final floorplan proposalSample image of proposal documentSchematic of pew arm

Established customers will be given a direct email and cell number to contact.  No indirect communication as you will always speak with a person that has the answers to your questions.



  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • CNC Manufacturing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Small Batches
  • Confidentiality

Have a product idea you need to launch?  Hire a designer that can do more than just the facade, but also plans for production.  This speeds up the process of getting goods from concept to market.  We know our way around design software and a productive woodshop environment.

wooden glasses frame in progresspainted wood shieldDesigning at the Computer on a Rainy Summer DaySome design ideas for missal stands

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Not all facilities can do a one-off of a product but we can.  Evaluate your products, send them through testing programs and obtain customer feedback before committing to launch.

A look at building pews behind the scenesWood hinge maple pressPlywood sign milled out on router

Some products are just better quality when they’re cut on a machine.  We can do this for you.

CNC used to draw patterns on plywoodA small piece of brass is shaped

Perfect for projects requiring thin pieces of wood or plastic.  We’ll also burn your logos into your products.

The outer shape of a comb cut from laminated veneer blankAltare Design uses Universal Laser SystemsCustom Laser Engraving

Rather than fill giant orders, we prefer a lean format and will ship smaller volumes at shorter intervals.  No need to invest in a year’s inventory when you can schedule smaller batches on a monthly basis.

La Salette school crestsSunglasses made from wood

We will not sell your designs.  If your products are proprietary, rest assured you won’t suddenly find your competitors selling the same products.  That is one good reason to work with a US supplier instead of sourcing overseas.


Specialty Trades

  • Part Reproduction
  • Custom Supply
  • Compatible File Types
  • Tolerances
  • Shipping

Have old wood parts that ceased to be manufactured decades ago?  We can make new replacement parts and have done much work for mechanical pianos and band organs.

Rebuilt part for mechanical piano or organrepaired section on an old uprightmechanical piano parts ready for shipment

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If you are doing a lot of repeat work and have parts that take forever to make it is cutting into your profits.  Consider letting us become your supplier.  We develop efficient production techniques then supply our customers on demand.

small production run of guitar partsCutting a veneer border with a chisel

Communication is key when sourcing parts for your projects so we’ve made sure we can accept a wide variety of file types.  Whether your drawings are done by hand or on a computer, we’ve got the means to convert them for our use.  Unlike most companies, we try to be compatible with more than just the industry standards.

Preview of rear view of church pew coloring page

Many of the smaller businesses we work with do not have expensive software so we also have open source programs installed on our computers.  This includes Sketchup, Scribus and Gimp.  PDF, AI, DXF, DWG, SKP, STL, CRV, EPS and SLA are just some of the files we can work with.

Only have hand drawings?  Snap a clear photograph send that to us.  We can work from there.

Some mechanical parts require tight tolerance.  Specifying this will raise costs but if it’s something needed, we can do it.  Some of our more intricate projects required plus or minus .005″ which is very tight in the world of woodworking.

Being located next to the Post Office means we can ship quickly and economically via USPS priority.  This is our standard carrier though we can ship through other channels upon request.  Shipping is billed to the client at cost.



  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Furniture
  • Stripping and Refinishing
  • Delivery and Install

We focus on projects that require special features or decorations.  Radius work, built-ins, veneering or special organizational challenges are where we shine.

island on castersdetail of veneered panels on display casespie shaped lazy susan for upper cabinetA near life-sized statue of Mary and the Child Jesus sits on display

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Heirloom quality furniture.  If you are planning to pass it on to the succeeding generation or want something worthy of a museum, give us a call.  We design from scratch or start with an idea the client provides.

Red Oak Media CabinetCherry Blanket Chest With Hand-Cut DovetailsMaple Bow Front CabinetSolid but decorative for heavy bronze statue

We are setup to efficiently remove old finish and have the know-how to bring old pieces back to life.  Our overflow stripping system is easy on furniture and eliminates harsh sanding or veneer lifting caused by dip tanks or water.

Anywhere in the lower 48 states though of course, costs go up as distance increases.  But we will travel or ship to California without hesitation.

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