Missal Stands built with Old-World details in the 21st Century

This Time We’ve Created an Adjustable Top Missal Stand

A new missal stand design is now available for purchase. This one is adjustable and features custom fashioned hardware.

Thumbnail of hand-painted La Salette crest

New Product Offering – Hand Painted Crests and Custom Frames

Because of the success of the La Salette missal stand and its tiny painting, we were asked to produce a larger version to hang on the wall. We obliged and now have the resources to offer this service to our customers.

Red oak carts with high quality casters and removable side boxes

Palm Sunday Rolls Around Again

Pun intended. On a more serious note, these carts were specially designed for use on Palm Sunday. They work equally well however, as bulletin tables or mobile hymnal racks should anyone have need of such.

Missal stand gallery

A New Missal Stand Design Features Much Detail

Click to view a closeup of the tiny hand-painted crest that measures a mere 1 1/4" high!

Red Oak Pew Thumbnail

New Pews and an Altar Rail for a Catholic Chapel

Find out how a simple design update to the folding kneeler of a classic pew makes 36" row spacing feel roomy.