We are designers and builders of high-end sacred furnishings that take their inspiration from centuries of church architecture and artwork. Though wood is the primary medium of choice we also utilize stone, metal and other materials in our furniture.

In his book Ugly as Sin, Michael Rose discussed the three laws of church architecture: verticality, permanence and iconography. While much of what the book deals with is directly related to architecture – and thus the actual church structure – the furnishings in the sanctuary must still be built to conform to the same principles. [Link to full article]

In July of 2007, Pope Benedict XVI released an Apostolic Letter declaring that all priests of the Roman Rite are free to offer the Mass according to the 1962 Missal.

Since the promulgation of “Summorum Pontificum”, the traditional Latin Mass has become more widespread. A side effect of this is that pastors, religious leaders and the Catholic laity in general are becoming more and more aware that the traditional elements of the Catholic sanctuary have never been banned or declared obsolete by the Church at any time. Today we are seeing many churches installing furnishings such as altar rails and reredos in their sanctuaries.

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