CNC Router – Custom Fabrication

Plywood sign milled out on router

Basic plywood milling is great for odd shapes where conventional methods would require time-consuming templates.

CNC cut altar components

Our most frequent use of the machine is to build specialty components and moldings for our custom furnishings.

A Machine Tool Camp router cuts some feet for a missal stand

Cutting the base for one of our missal stands.

CNC used to draw patterns on plywood

Full-sized drawings are done by using the CNC as a large scale plotter. Perfect for making patterns for painting crests.

A small piece of brass is shaped

Many of our projects require customized hardware that cannot be purchased from any suppliers. Here a part for a brass lid stay is milled to shape.

Curved molding being refined on CNC

Every CNC operator must do a piece of curved crown molding sooner or later. This was the easy part. At some point handwork was required to cope this into a piece of straight crown.

Vented maple baseboard

Vented gym baseboard milled from solid, hard maple.

Need a carving, a sign or perhaps 200 plywood squares with precisely drilled holes?  A CNC equipped wood shop may be the perfect answer.

At Altare Design, we hold the position that the project comes first and the tool is chosen to fit the job – not the other way around.  Sometimes a CNC router is the way to go and having one in house allows us to offer a broader range of services.

Thus far we have…

  1. Drawn full-sized scale patterns for artists to paint by hand.
  2. Created specialty moldings of all shapes and sizes.
  3. Produced our own specialty hardware.
  4. Provided parts for a guitar maker.
  5. Provided products for an eyewear company.
  6. Provided parts for an organ builder
  7. Supplied a furniture-maker with 48 identical plywood pieces.
  8. Fabricated 150 lineal feet of custom, vented baseboard for use on a gym floor.
  9. Roughed out blanks destined for hand carving
  10. Produced dozens of forms for laminations, steam-bending and vacuum forming

Given all of the above, what might be the best reason of all to give us a call?  We are not dependent upon the CNC but can utilize many skills, hand tools and machines to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Because it takes more than just CNC to be completely custom shop.

Roughed blank ready for hand carving

The lower half is in the hand-carving stage. The upper half is unchanged since it came off the CNC.

A shop equipped with CNC, a laser engraver and staffed by people skilled with all manner of hand tools and machinery becomes the ultimate CAN-DO resource for customers searching for specialty items.

We can create a finely detailed carving right off the CNC or simply rough out the part and let an artisan finish off by hand.

Lion heraldric crest with cross and shield

The undercut details of high relief hand-carved pieces really bring out the three dimensional aspect.

The final step is to complete the piece with hand-rubbed stains and glazes and top-coated with a smooth protective lacquer flawlessly applied through a commercial spray gun.

Couple the CNC with our 3D design services and the possibilities are practically endless.  Whether you are looking for a one-time order or a long-term supplier please consider giving us a call.


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