Have special concerns about the finishing procedure?  We have something that will work for you.

Not all products have the same requirements.  Sometimes toxicity is a concern.  Other times the ultimate in durability is required.  New furnishings may have to match old.  Whatever the issue, we’re sure to have a solution.

several doors getting finished in a booth

On most commercial cabinetry projects, a quality, catalyzed lacquer is the perfect choice.  Here are some panels drying in our booth.  Projects destined for the kitchen or bathroom will get a formaldehyde-free conversion varnish for extra water resistance.

applying protective lacquer to a painted table base

This table belongs to a client that loves the white of paint but could use the durability of catalyzed clear coats.  We’ve refinished her table to get the best of both worlds by top-coating a compatible paint with a lacquer.

new wood stained to match original

To save this church a large sum of money, we were able to reuse the end caps on all the pews and just replace the seats and backs.  This was only possible because of our ability to get a perfect stain match on the new oak.

painting a small crest

Here an artisan paints a decorative crest using artist acrylics.  It will later be protected by a compatible and durable clear coat.

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