Side view showing the LED lights

This built-in bookcase features Hera LED lights and curved face cabinets on each end.

Looking for custom cabinets?

If you are new to the world of buying custom made products, the process will seem overwhelming.  How does a person choose from an endless selection of ideas?  How is it possible to determine if a product has good value before it even exists?

This is why clients talk to us.  The first consultation is usually done onsite and this gives us the opportunity to learn about the interests and tastes of the client.  Once they tell us the functional requirements and show us the intended space for the cabinetry, we take it from there and narrow the selection down to a handful of tangible choices that are easy to understand.

The bookcase to the right is a good example of this process.  Nobody requested statue niches or curved cabinet faces.  They just asked for a bookcase with lights mounted overhead.  We learned of their interest in statue restoration and suggested adding niches to showcase their own projects and they loved the idea.

Those light fixtures?  Those are from Hera Lighting’s line of premium LED products and are controlled by Lutron’s Diva brand of dimmer switches.  Yes, that information was typed out going by memory alone.  It is our job to know these things so we can identify the perfect product  for each application while we’re onsite.

And finally, for the sake of our customers peace of mind, we are state-registered and fully insured to protect the stability of our business, our client’s property and also against damage to any furnishings in transit.

 We provide full delivery service to anyone in the 48 states.  Those interested in visiting our facility in person can do so by appointment and we are located in South Chicagoland near Kankakee, Illinois.

If you have a project in mind or any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 877-517-4568.  We will give you the best assistance possible.  If you prefer more detail about some of our cabinetry offerings, please scroll down and continue reading.

balcony view of facade

The walnut casing and facade for a Catholic parish in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Church Organ Casework and Facades

Working on this scale requires a level of planning, expertise and infrastucture that few furniture shops can bring to the table.  That is one reason we chose to focus on the church furnishings market.  There is a demand for this type of work and we set out to fill that demand.

Need twelve foot tall cabinets to house organ pipes?  Does the ceiling have an arch that requires curved moldings?  Perhaps some organ pipes need to be mounted on a balcony that is twelve feet off the ground?

We have the experience to take large-scale, onsite measurements, create radius templates and generate computer drawings.  This ensures a smooth planning phase.  In our facility, we have the equipment to handle production and finally, the experience to work from scaffolding and to coordinate efforts with other contractors in a large-scale renovation project.

Custom Wine Bar Front

Visit Flight 102 Wine Bar in Bourbonnais, Illinois to see some of our public-accessible work.

Commercial Cabinetry

Some businesses require just the right ambience but just as important is function.  Stock cabinets just will not do in a specialty business where aesthetics cannot be sacrificed in favor of pure function.  Whether that be a bar front with decorative wine bottles or set of sliding doors that open to reveal a tv monitor set between cabinets, we can provide exactly what is needed.

If you get a chance, make a visit to Flight 102 Wine Bar to see our work there.  If you enjoy gourmet food it will be worth the trip as Food Network celebrity (contestant on Cutthroat Kitchen) David Basile is the cook for that establishment.

Question: Why would an establishment with the means to hire a high profile chef have us building their cabinets instead of hiring a large cabinet firm from Chicago?

Oak kitchen cabinets with island

Fun fact: The clients had the option for real granite for just a couple hundred dollars more. They still wanted the Corian.

 Fully Custom Kitchens

Not semi-custom and not pick-from-my-list-of-prefab options sort of custom.  If your heart’s desire is a kitchen crafted in Midwestern bazookawood we’ve got it covered.

It is true that going all out on the custom options would drive the cost sky high.  However, we provide guidance so our customers will know where to put their money to get the best value.  The kitchen to the left is mostly our standard kitchen, but we did add a rolling island, breadboard pullouts, pullout shelving and a pie-shaped 12″ lazy susan (not even sold by any of our suppliers) in the upper corner cabinet.  Those items were important features for the customer so we put money towards them and kept the rest of the kitchen more basic.

This would probably be a good time to mention that basic for us means stuff like dovetailed, solid maple drawer boxes and Blum soft-close undermount drawer slides.

Ready to get the discussion rolling?

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