If you have a piece of quality furniture or woodwork that has sustained damage from time or disaster, chances are it’s still salvageable.

Finishes can be repaired or replaced.  Cracked parts can be re-glued.  Missing pieces or chipped carvings can be replaced.

the booth was modified several times over its life

Like many old pieces, this ticket booth from Coney Island had endured many paint jobs over the decades.  Our task was to remove the layers of paint, repair damage and prep it for a historical painter.

ongoing repairs on carvings

The carved lion head was soft from exposure to the elements.  We used a resin to harden it.

project primed before painting

The first coat of primer has been applied but more are needed.

We can do a complete strip and refinish or simply do the paint removal.  This organ case will be painted by a historical painter so we just removed old paint and repaired any damage.

Old paint removed from organ facade

repaired section on an old upright

Damaged carvings can be repaired with fresh wood.

After shot of the repaired and refinished piano

Then a careful stain and finish job blends the new wood into the old.

Have woodwork in need of repairs or want some finish removed?

Please feel free to contact us.  You will always reach someone with the expertise and knowledge to answer your questions.



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