Almost every town has a trophy shop equipped with laser engravers.  Why come to us?

If you want standardized, run-of-the-mill trophies and plaques, we aren’t the company.

We have a fully equipped woodworking facility and the skills to produce anything from raw stock then assemble it into finished products.

  • Cutting and engraving of solid wood and veneers.
  • Customer’s choice of wood species.
  • Complete line of topcoats and finishes from oil, to lacquer to an ultra-durable and formaldehyde-free conversion varnish.
  • The ability to setup and produce a single item or large batches.
  • Will work with files provided by the customer or create them in our design studio.
Half a dozen veneer species layed on a table

Lots more options than the ubiquitous oak.

Filling engraving with black infill

A simple engraving dressed up to look like inlay.

Custom Laser Engraving

An example of vector cutting all the way through.

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The outer shape of a comb cut from laminated veneer blank

Did we mention wooden combs?

There are endless possibilities for inlay, marquetry, model railroads, wooden combs and more.

Avoid setup fees by providing files ready to go. Click for more information

We utilize Universal Laser Systems  and have a work area of 32″ x 18″

Ready to start your own laser project?

Please feel free to contact us.  You will always reach someone with the expertise and knowledge to answer your questions.



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We are located an hour south of Chicago near Kankakee, Illinois and visits to our facility can be arranged by appointment.  You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile laser fab shop in South Chicagoland.

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