Not just every woodshop will work outside of square.

When the project calls for curves and radii, you’ll want to contact a specialist.  That’s where we come in.

statue niche with a radius front

Picture how this cabinet would look if it were square?  The effect would be dull and uninteresting compared to this.  Our capacity to bend wood and make curved panels means we are able to design freely, then draw upon our past experience to select the right methods for the job.

plywood cabinet with radius oak face frame

This is the cabinet being dry fit prior to final assembly.

radius crown molding in a church

This church had curved ceilings.  The molding between the rear cabinet and ceiling (just visible in the upper, right corner of the photo) is arched to fit perfectly.  The measuring and layout work to make that happen is not something every trim carpenter is willing to do.

The half-round case to hold the pipes is being stained in our spray area.

a portion of an organ facade being stained

Ready to step outside the box?

Please feel free to contact us.  You will always reach someone with the expertise and knowledge to answer your questions.



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