Our Missal Stands are crafted primarily from wood which makes them lightweight for their size.  This is a good thing if young servers are going to carry it to and from the altar.
We have two offerings in our current line of semi-custom products.  Each piece is built to order by an expert craftsman.

Fixed Top Missal Stand

St. Joseph Oratory missal standRear view of missal stand

The left pictures depict a missal stand with all the custom options of a hand-painted shield, brass inlay and the resin-filled motto.

The top is fixed at an approximate 23.7 degree angle.

Adjustable Top Missal Stand

Custom-made adjustable missal standBack viewFront View of missal stand with top in lowered position

The first two pictures depict a missal stand with the brass inlay and diamond pattern inlay.  The one on the far left shows one with the hand-painted Agnus Dei medallion.

A document with complete details on custom options and pricing is available for download below.

For custom pieces, please use the contact information below to contact us regarding your project and we will provide a free quote.

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