Tired of seeing the same thing in every home?  Need custom furnishings to address specific problems?

Two round cabinets flank four rows of bookcases

Whether you are an art collector restoring and displaying statuary, someone living in a town home looking for space-saving ideas or simply desire  good furniture, we’ll design and build custom solutions to meet those needs.

What is the advantage of a custom Altare Design kitchen?

island on casters

We are not limited by what is found in our supplier’s catalogs.  If the job needs a custom solution we will find one or build it ourselves.  This kitchen island uses ball-bearing casters to ensure mobility even when fully-loaded.

pie shaped lazy susan for upper cabinet

This lazy-susan was customized to fit into a 12″ deep upper cabinet so it is easy to access every item contained inside.  It was a client request.  Since pie shaped trays in that size are not available in a catalog, we did extra work in our own  shop to make it happen.

Decorating your home with custom woodwork?

Please feel free to contact us.  You will always reach someone with the expertise and knowledge to answer your questions.



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