The setup fee for us to create a file for laser work is a minimum of $20 and can run higher for complex items.  For large jobs that is negligible but if you just need a single item then it makes sense to provide a properly prepared file and avoid or reduce the fee.

File types accepted: .ai .pdf .dxf .eps .skp (Sketchup) and .sla (Scribus). All files must be in RGB color format.

Raster Engraving

Example of Raster Graphic for Laser Engraving

Shapes filled with black (RGB 0 0 0) will be raster engraved.  This process burns away the entire surface and leaves a depression in the shape of the graphic which is a square in this case.

Vector Engraving

Example of vector engraving graphic

Red lines (RGB 255 0 0) that are exactly .001″ thick will be scored but not cut all the way through the material.  In this case, a burned groove would be burned around the perimeter of the square leaving the middle untouched.

Vector Cutting

Example of Vector Engraving Graphic

Green lines (RGB 0 255 0) that are exactly .001″ thick will be cut all the way through the material.  With the above shape, a square would be cut out from the material.

Below is an example taken from one of our own projects.   First, the laser burns in the black fill for the lettering.  Next, it traces a crisp, dark outline around the lettering.  The final step cuts out the green lines and completes the operation.

Overview of Altare sample comb file

Those looking for free software to create files have some good options.  For general purpose 2d and 3d drawing, Sketchup Make, is hard to beat. It is intuitive, free and highly versatile.  Scribus is a pretty good alternative to Corel Draw and can handle both vector and raster graphics. Draftsight is an option for people familiar with CAD type software who wish to send .dxf files our way.

 Advanced Laser Engraver Setup

Once the basics like rastering and cutting out generic parts is mastered, it’s time to look into inlay, marquetry and other types of work that require precise patterns.  Understanding how the laser cuts material is key.  Click here to learn advanced techniques for laser engraving files.

Ready to start your own laser project?

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If creating your own files is not an option for you, please consider taking advantage of our design services.  We can work in 2d or 3d in many different file formats.

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