CNC Class – We’re Headed to a Marc Adams Workshop This Week

I’ve only been back in the shop for a week since returning from the school and the Apprenticeship class.  It’s nearly time to head back though.  This time around, I’ll be one of the students and Austin will be attending as well.

It’s been part of the business plan to update the workshop machinery with CNC capability and that’s what we’re going to accomplish next week.  The class is on building and operating a CNC router.  It won’t be long before we have a fully operational machine.

Besides being great fun, I wanted to build a machine rather than purchase one for the sake of learning about how these devices operate.  I don’t just use tools and machinery.  It is my policy to understand their electrical and mechanical functions.  The class hasn’t even started yet and I already know about such things as ball screws, electronic pre-loading, stepper drives, etc.

Enough of that though.  When we return from the class, I hope to get some pictures posted soon of our latest batch of projects.

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