Holy Innocent Church Slated for Closure! Change.org Petition Underway

It’s an old story by now.  An aging diocesan church is marked for closure and a handful of parishioners attempt to prevent the inevitable.

Over at the Daily Caller, there’s a brief editorial lamenting the scheduled demise of this historic parish.

New York parish church exterior

But is this really another case of an old dying parish being closed?  According to many people – Including Father Zuhlsdorf over on his blog, the church is thriving and even financially stable.  Because of this, a petition to stop the closure of Holy Innocents is being circulated at Change.org.

I’ve already signed and urge anyone reading this to click the link and do the same.  I didn’t devote my life to launching a sacred furnishings business only to stand around and watch people tear down the work of past artisans.

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